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Our Story

Out Of The Box Marketing was originally started in 2008, by James Jackson, as an affiliate marketing company. Affiliate marketing involves building hundreds of small websites, each collecting ad revenue and commissions from large online stores such as eBay and Amazon.

To drive traffic to these websites, James was competing in hugely competitive markets across the globe, where success meant knowing the very best strategies for getting your sites profitable traffic. Knowing that skills in this field would soon become more sought after in Australia, James committed himself and tracked down any information he could find to help further his knowledge and experience: books, seminars, courses, webinars and of course, more clients.

Sure enough, in 2009 the SEO industry in Australia blew up and companies started posting their rankings guarantees in giant waves to the market, many doing all they could to perpetrate the lie that rankings were the indicator of a successful campaign, which just isn’t the case.

Eventually after receiving one-to-many of these spammy “rank first” emails, and seeing that good businesses were having the wool pulled over their eyes, James decided it was time to put his hard earned skill set to good use. In 2009, James begun targeting specific Australian businesses, choosing them based on more than just their need for SEO. He deliberately looked for businesses that offered great products and services, and ones that he knew he could get significant results for online.

From his previous experience, James understood that to most business owners, SEO can seem almost like a completely different language. But he was about to change all that. He spoke to them in terms they were familiar with, explaining things in a way that tied back into the success of the business, rather than just clicks and rankings. He was transparent, telling them where they should focus their energy to get their highest return, rather than just providing them with a blanket solution like all the sharks had been doing.

As time passed, James found himself partnering long-term with many of the businesses he helped, managing their online marketing and quickly dominating whole industries with the skills he had learnt just a few years earlier. James loved the way business worked when these relationships were formed and has since made it a priority to look for and develop these same key factors in all OOTMB clients: good products and services, transparent and tailored processes and a focus on the success for the business as a whole – not just a rankings report.

With these key elements of success as the foundation of their service, OOTBM has continued to grow its client base, guiding them through the ever changing digital business space and has multiple customers that have been working with them for over three years. During this time, they have evolved from a humble SEO and digital marketing provider into a full service direct marketing agency, with a team of specialists in online marketing, sales, copywriting, design, social media and full scale campaign planning and implementation.